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Chapter 1 Cover by Jack-Wabbit

Continued from Part 1: Mugen Blade Chapter 1 Part 1
It was a peaceful summer's day in the Mugen sphere. The old fashioned city resting peacefully on the mountain with lush trees, the smell of street vendors making various savoury dishes filling the air while several kids continued to walk down, buying something quickly to have a fast breakfast on their way to school. After all, future guardians had to learn to be punctual.
Creeping through the dusty air vents of the town museum, a young girl, about sixteen in her age, continued to scan the small openings along her route, brushing her long red hair with her pale white hands to get a better look. It was a good thing she was dressed in a scruffy brown coat and shorts, using only a bandana to cover her nose and mouth. Anything else would have gotten ruined from the dust. After several minutes of searching, she saw her target, a old, thick metallic amulet, looking like something out of the industrial age, just perched on a red pillow on a pedestal, guarde

"I didn't get his name.... All I knew was that he was willing to give me a lot of money, enough so that I wouldn't have to keep on trying to steal food from shops ever again. We were going to met at around midnight in the old fishing factory." Hana replied, feeling her stomach starting to grumble as she thought about some of the meals she stole and got arrested for.

"Well...let us continue this story another time. I believe it is time for dinner yes Atlas?" The Principal recommended as he got up and started heading for the door. He stopped for a few seconds as he opened the door, staring at an award placed on the shelf. With a small sigh, he pulled out a handkerchief and dusted it off. As Hana walked by, she saw that it read. "Awarded to General Grimele Douglas Dache."

"So dusty sometimes. I really should get the maid to work more than once a week."

"Quite right old friend. Best not to keep our newest student hungry." Atlas replied to Grimele with a small chuckle as he lead the young fox to the food hall, revealing a large banquet of food for her to eat.

Hana could hardly believe her eyes. The cooks in the school were serving almost every and any kind of food the starving girl could think of. Creamy and smooth kabe no ana mentaiko pasta, the savoury beef stew with soy sauce and mince filling the air with a heavenly aroma, the freshly made ramen and rice calling her closer with panting breaths, the tebasaki now within arm's reach from the girl as she continued to creep forward. They even had a pizza burger! The smell of the food wafting through the air continued as Hana took it all in.

"Hahaha it's another great smell from our great cafeteria! Well, what are you waiting for? Gather up some grub. It's on me today." The principal chuckled as he gave Hana a light pat on the back, snapping her out of her trance like state and watched as the girl tried to shove one of everything on her plate.

In the far corner, at a special table, Slyde could be seen sitting by himself on a table with a holographic screen projector next to him. Sucking on a 32 ounce drink straw while typing up some numbers, apparently keeping his company going with new ideas and data while he enjoyed his meal.

Seeing almost no empty seats close by, Hana quickly carried her heavy food covered tray over to Slydes table, making a small prayer as thanks for letting her enjoy such a large meal before digging in, savoring every bite more than the last.

".... Think she can eat all of that?" Atlas asked the principal curiously as he got a small bit of the pasta for himself, using a holographic screen to help type up a new identity for the girl.

"Poor girl seems like she hadn't eaten in a very long time. It's sad how Kin like that is treated." The principle replied to Atlas in a less jolly tone, sighing as he thought about how the arbitrary rule from the planet made life for those born in the Mugen sphere hard to deal with.

Slyde only gave her a glance before returning to his work. Almost as if to say, ‘Don’t bug me and you can sit there.’

Hana quickly then returned her attention back to her food, munching happily before half of the food on her plate was already gone, attracting more than a few odd stares from her fellow students.

"Seems like she was really confused about most of what happened today..... Why did 'Dayshadow' help her?" Atlas asked the principal curiously, looking at the news reports again to see if he missed anything. From what the police saw and reported, Hana was in no way allied with the mysterious entity.

"Oh, I know. I’ll have our other Kin student as her roommate. This way she won’t feel alone. Now what to put as her new name?" Grimele asked Atlas as he took the document in the holographic screen of Hana's new profile.

"How about, Setsuna Akumi? Seems to fit her tech form." Atlas suggested before finishing off his light meal.

“Haha! Sounds perfect! Akumi it is!" Grimele cheered as he finished up typing the name and finishing his burger meal before heading over to Hana.

“Good news, we got your new identity up and going." Grimele informed the fox kin while looking to Slyde, who just only gave an eye roll of 'whatever' like a teenage daughter on her phone.

"You’ll be going by Akumi from now on. So, welcome to Ryuujin. The school for Tecno's by Techno's!" The principal greeted in a fanciful pose to the girl, making the other students think that Hana must be some sort of special student. They didn't hear the part about her having her name changed.

".....Boring speech as always." Slyde muttered before returning his attention to his work.

".... You'd do all of this for me?... Thank you principal. I won't disappoint you." Hana, now known as Akumi thanked, bowing her head low respectfully before returning some of her attention to her meal. She couldn't believe it. The place she was staying to hide, just became her new home.

After the happy dinner, the stage on the left side of the hall had stage lights lit up, focusing the students attention. On it were two of the other teachers, both in tech forms with stone and metal gauntlets, big ones. Each robotic hand about a bit less than half a meter big.. They were performing a demonstration of there tech abilities with Grimele narrating in the background like a wrestling announcer. One fought with impressive judo skills, the other was performing ground wrestling.

Near one of the corners of the hall, the girl that previously attacked Slyde was just there, sitting down quietly, examining each motion and move, calculating, learning.

"Hey! That looks like fun! My turn my turn!" Grimele yelled happily to everyone's surprise as her ran up to the stage, undoing his bowtie and rolls up his sleevies while the teachers looked at each other in confusion while leaving the stage.

"Let’s make it fair, will one of the top teachers be my opponent? Or do any of you students have the guts to challenge me?!" Grimele called out as his demeanor has changed from jolly to battle happy glee.

"... I'll take you on." The girl spoke up before walking onto the stage, her expression as cold as before.

"Alright, we have a brave volunteer here! Let's give her a big hand! Alright, what’s your name?" Grimele smiled as he looked at the girl, recalling her face from this morning.

"... Nergui." The girl replied to the man as she entered a low Krabi-krabong stance with her guns in her hands, emptying the ammo onto the floor while the students clapped, curious as to how the girl was going to fight with just the shell of the guns in her hands

"Alright Nergui! I’ll let you have the first shot. I won't even move." Grimele called out holding himself with a kind of smug confidence, as if that one shot is all she was gonna get.

Nergui observed the principal's confidence. He definitely was up to something. If she was only going to get one hit, she had to make it count. The girl charged towards Grimele at a fast pace, sliding between his legs before her guns striked specific nerve points on his legs, aiming to immobilize them. The hits ended up being so hard that the sound of the impacts were echoed through the whole room.

"Attacking the legs for immobilization. Very good idea.....Normally." Grimele commented, then the floor began turning a bright blue. Before Nergui could get off it, she was suddenly shocked by electricity coming FROM the floor, hitting several nerve endings before sending her into a spastic fit. While spazzing, she could see the very floor creeping up along Grimele's body.

"Im sorry, Nergui was it? But you can't win now." Grimele's arms and legs were now covered in what looks to be mud. But this mud was different than normal , it was crackling with electricity.

“My Technomancy power? Geolectrode.”

".... Like hell is this beating me!" Nergui called out to the teacher, slamming her arms into the ground with enough force to send her up into the air and back onto her feet before leaping up onto one of the ceiling lights, leaping back down and slamming her gun around the Principles neck with enough force send him backwards towards the ground. She may have not had any tech, but the way she was enduring the electricity surging through her body, she knew how to deal with pain. Even her takedown move was angled specifically to use the principals center of gravity to knock him off balance.

Grimele just smiled as she looked carefully and saw that the elctromud moved to his neck and acted as a shield, moving across the gun and grabbing her hands, surging more voltage through her body and giving Grimele enough time to regain his balance.

"You got power Nergui. Maybe I shouldn't hold back as much." The electomud jumped from the ground onto Nergui's knees and elbows, hardening quickly while sending electrical discharges through the nerves on her limbs locking up her knees and elbows.

"You fought well Nergui. But the fight is over."

Nergui just fell to the ground, slowly trying her best to endure the pain and continue the fight. Using what little energy she had left, she slowly began to stretch out her fist, going closer and closer to Grimele to land a small weak punch. After that, the electricity began to make her lose consciousness.

Some of the other students began to chuckle to themselves, whispering among each other about the girl being foolish enough to fight without any tech.

Grimele turned his head and gave a cold stare at the students that were chuckling to themselves, freezing them harder then the electromud he used just with fear alone.

".... You dare laugh at this lady? When none of you had the courage to face me? Would you care to be the next one? Or maybe I should cut off all food privileges for the entire school for a month? Maybe that would be worth chuckling about?" He asked the students rhetorically, his demeanor changed from battle jolly to pants wetting terrifying.

"I do believe that our dear principal has made his point quite well. We may not be one of the more wealthy techno academies, but we still won't tolerate bad behaviour. Play nice." Atlas informed the students as the room went deathly quiet, none of the students who dared to insult or laugh at Nergui dared to even look at the teachers in the eye. The other students however looked like they just gave the principal a lot of respect, especially Akumi.

"Know this. Those with guts survive." Grimele added to Atlas's statement before returning to his previous jolly attitude.

"Anyway, demonstrations over! Hope you enjoyed the show!" He continued hopping off the stage as he tidied up his bowtie. He headed back to Akumi's table smiling at her while giving her a pat on the back.

"You didn't laugh. You will go far here." He complimented before heading out the door back to his office.


"What an odd day..." Akumi thought aloud as she thought about how a museum robbery job ended up making her join a technomancer academy while she walked slowly to her dorm. Something about the whole event though still bothered her though.

".... Why did that... Thing, help me?"

As she opened the door, Akumi took a step back in confusion as she saw giant trunk blocking the view of who was currently in her room. All she could hear was a voice.

"Air, Ninety two percent oxygen. Safe. Not dusted in two… No two and a half days. *Snort* Roommate...Kin, Sixty percent human...Fox. Yes. Fox kin. Squee." The clearly female voice said aloud trunk is pushed in further, allowing Akumi to see a pig kin girl, staring back at her. Her pink nose sniffing as she was getting a better understanding of the room, apparently in high scientific detail.

"Air of museum. Just there recently. Fellow historian? Odor senses... No."

"Ummm... Hi. I'm Ha-... Happy to meet you. I'm Akumi...... Who are you and what are you doing here?" Akumi asked the strange girl curiously in confusion, hoping that she didn't notice her correcting herself before offering the girl a handshake.

The pig girl shook her hand as Akumi got to notice more of her features. While most female kin usually just get ears and tail, this girl was also in possession of a pig like nose. Everything else though it looked normal. She was wearing a simple light green dress with a bit of lace. Akumi then watched as the girl raises her own hand to introduce herself.

"I am your new roommate miss Akumi. *Snort* You haven't bathed in three days. It would be best if you would do so. As for my name. I’m… Hmm.. Who am i again. *Sniff sniff* I’ll probably remember in a bit. Doctors say I'm a bit absent minded. They should talk with how unsanitary they keep those offices. The urine concentrations were off the charts. Oh am I rambling again? *Squee* I'm sorry. I tend to do that." The pig kin replied, innocent and derpy in most of her actions.

"Ahe..Heh... How about I just call you.... Pigu?" Akumi suggested to the girl with a nervous laugh, remembering that she did have the option of showering, and that she had no extra clothes. Now all she had to do was to pray that this pig kin wasn't about to sniff out her whole life history.

"Pigu? It will do until I can remember my name. *Snort* I’ll be setting up my stuff on the left desk. It has the best lighting." Pigu explained as she opened up her trunk, revealing inside a ton of computer and tech equipment. A lot of it looks like old tech, including a computer that appears to be from the year 2000. Something that vintage had to be worth hundreds!

"Heh, modern tech is nice, but there’s just something about the old computers that just makes me giddy. *Squee*"

"Whatever floats your boat.... This stuff looks like antiques." Akumi muttered as she examined the equipment. Not many people were buying old tech anymore. In fact, tech from the early 2000s was practically non existent in the market.

"I know right? This old computer tech was harder to get setup. Drivers were pretty basic, and it had some of the most primitive viruses and programs out there. IT'S IT AWESOME?!" Pigu asked as her eyes sparkled happily. She was practically bouncing with joy just by talking about her computer.

"It's a challenge to get it working with modern tech! Hell it's almost downright impossible! That's what makes it so fun!! I've already got this ‘Widows’ XP something running on a basic nanobot. It's so much fun!!"

"Heh. Sure..... Ummm.... Hey Pigu?" Akumi asked the pig kin while she sat down next to the old computer.

"Could I borrow some clothes? I, forgot to bring mine with me."

"Oh, that sucks. Well I think I can find something that might work for you." Pigu offered as she carefully went digging in her big trunk, moving around mostly tech stuff until she reached the clothes at the bottom.

"Oh! Found something. It's not much but it should fit. I think." Pigu continued as she handed Akumi a pajama top and shorts with a picture of a cat wearing glasses on the shirt with the text, 'Speak nerdy to me'.

"Thanks. I'll be back in a bit." Akumi replied to Pigu as she patted her on the shoulder for the pjs before heading off to the bathroom to get washed. Shirt wasn't her style, but beggars can't be choosers.

"No problem. I’ll do my bathing lather tonight...*snort* Hee hee. I said lather instead of later." Pigu chuckled to herself as she continued to stack up electronics on her side of the room. Smiling at the thought of getting this stuff up and running.

After several minutes, Akumi returned wearing the pajamas and shorts. Due to Pigu being a couple of inches smaller than her though, it did show off a bit of her midriff. Still, a lot more cosy than those rags she was wearing.

"Bit of an odd fit, but I think it'll do."

Pigu now had her computer set up, a monstrosity that perfectly fit in most of the left cubby space on her side. She made sure she was careful not to intrude on Akumi's side. She was also switched to a PJ shirt that was many sizes bigger than her.

"Heya. I left ya something to play." She greeted, pointing to an old Gamer Girl Advanced on Akumi's bed.

"Woah... I saw one of these in a museum.... Weeks ago." Akumi corrected herself as she examined the old game console. Everything on the title screen was all pixelated. It was so old-fashioned she was afraid of breaking it just by pressing the buttons.

"... How do you get this stuff?"

"Well, I hunt for them in pawn shops. Online stores. Heck, if you know what you're doing, junkyards! I love the old tech! It has a feel that you just can't replicate nowadays!" Pigu replied as she took out another old fashioned game console with two screens surround by a bunch of cute chibi plushies, making her look like an Otaku who took their first trip to Japan.

"Sweet. Y'know, I must say, you're one cool roommate." Akumi complimented as she continued to try to play on the game console.

"... So that's the jump button...."

“Ok, at two I’ll take my shower..” Pigu muttered to herself quietly as she looked at the clock on her bedside table, seemingly anxious for it to turn later in the night for some reason.

".. Wait, what was that?" Pigu asked as the two girls hear a loud groan from across the hall.


Nergui groaned as the weird little creature looked at her with a warm smile. For what it was, it was very tiny. But MAN was it strong! It was like a chibi buffalo with a stylish yellow bandana around its neck and apparently it liked to hug. Nergui though just shrugged the little guy off of her, for the third time.

"Oh common roomie. You couldn't handle Chocomo's hug? What kind of girl are ya?" Chocomo's owner asked as she lounged on her own bed, only being replied with silence while the tiny weird mini buffalo snorted a little as he tried nuzzling Nergui. Being more gentle and ‘mooing’. Still, the girl just sighed and tried once again to push him off.

Chocomo then let go after this attempt ran up to the other girl in the room and wagged his buffalo tail excitedly. She was a dark skinned lady with an athletic form like a former hard working farm girl.

"If you can't handle one tiny hug from this cute wittle thing, you ain't very strong are ya?"

"Truly strong individuals don't have to say their strong through words. If you want to test my strength, then we can dual outside." Nergui replied to her roommate who clearly wasn't giving her a peaceful night, focusing on polishing her guns to make sure they were in the best condition.

"No point fighting if I don't half ta. Plus little Choco could get hurt. Ain't that right?" The girl girl replied casually as she picked up the buffalo like it was a kitty cat and snuggled it affectionately in her arms. The tiny hearts appearing above the creature's head making it clear that Chocomo was her pet and closest friend. And from what she said, her tech weapon focused around him. The conversation was then halted as Pigu knocked on the door three times, trying to peek through the keyhole afterwards to see if everything was ok.

"Oh great.... Company." Nergui grumbled as she heard another student wanting to check what was going on.

"It's fine. We were just going to sleep. Weren't we?"

The girl has fallen asleep cuddling Chocomo like a teddy bear by the time Nergui looked towards her. Even her pet has fallen asleep in an instant, mooing in his sleep cutely.

"What’s that mooing? It sound adorable!!!"

Nergui just sighed deeply as she began to walk over towards the window and open it slightly, sneaking outside before climbing onto the roof of the academy. Looking around to make sure she was alone, she began to practice her martial arts, using silent fast moves to keep herself focused.

".... I'm trying.... I'm just hoping that you were right about me."


Later on in the evening, Pigu sneaked out of the room while Akumi was fast asleep with the game girl console on her bedside table. Not wanting to wake up her newest friend, Pigu carried a bunch of clothes as she headed over to the showers.

"Pleaseletnoonebetherepleaseletnoonebethere... Oh good."

As she was washing. A few voices could be heard walking by the door, talking quietly but just audible enough for the pig kin to overhear with her animal like ears.

"Wish you were more stealthy back there. If you played things differently the girl wouldn't even have seen you. Now she'll be hard to catch.

"Relax. We wouldn't be able to take the gear off of her anyway. Remember? Gear only comes off if the user takes it off."

Pigu began to turn up the heat on the shower, making steam appear to mask her and 'trick' the two walking by into thinking the water was muffling their talking. Pigu gritted her teeth a bit while she endured the heat until they passed by. Good they didn’t see me. What was that about?

"Fair point. By the way, any new orders from 'PM'?"

"Stay out of sight, don't attract attention. The generals are getting a bit worried by all of your little sightings. Some of us even saw plans for new weapons being processed way too fast."

"You worry too much."

"And you have a rep. Don't start making it even worse."

Pigu kept in a low profile as the heat was starting to really hurt. But she didn't want to be noticed, for reasons other than alerting the two to her presence. Keep it together girl. When they pass, break for the clothes...

The second she heard silence, Pigu slowly turned off the shower and quickly put on the clothes before the steam disappeared. She then headed to her room pretending she didn't hear anything, trying to act as normal as possible.

"I wonder...yea, I better tell the principal what i heard tomorrow. Just gotta keep calm and collected."

End of Chapter 1.

Kurai 3 by Jack-Wabbit

Hello everyone! :3 This is part two of Mugen Blade! I hope you've enjoyed it so far!

Mugen Blade is set in a large pocket dimension linked to Earth in the far future, where technology has become almost like magic and young warriors are trained to help tame the lands!

This is one of my original stories. ^^

This story was written by me and my Co-writter :iconnatacomb: All OCs in this story belong to us.

The logo was made by me in Manga Studio 5

The cover art was drawn by the tallented Crystal on Tapastic:

Also the line art of Hana/Akumi's battletech form was drawn by the also tallented leanh90:

Be sure to check out their awesome comics and art on Tapastic!

Please leave thoughts and comments down below :3 And hope you guys have a great day!
Here we are with part two of chapter one, kind of confused about that point (but I think it must've just been DA's upload limits or something) so let's see how the remainder of the first chapter holds up.

Like last time let's start with the bad:
Not much here to talk about, just some minor typos and the like.

Now let's get to the good stuff:
Pigu seems somewhat interesting, as the second female lead she can work and seeing how her and Hana interact and grow seems like it'd be an enjoyable read.

Overall it's a pretty standard piece, it's not it's fault as it's just a continuation of chapter one but it had to be cut off kind of ruining it's flow. Still a decent chapter and a pretty good set up for further stuff.
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