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Chibi Fox Speedpaint by Jack-Wabbit Chibi Fox Speedpaint :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 8 0 Mugen Blade Chapter 5 by Jack-Wabbit Mugen Blade Chapter 5 :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 5 0 Mugen Blade Chapter 4 by Jack-Wabbit Mugen Blade Chapter 4 :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 7 0 Live2D test chibi by Jack-Wabbit Live2D test chibi :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 2 3 Mugen Blade Chapter 3 by Jack-Wabbit Mugen Blade Chapter 3 :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 3 6 Dessert Milkshake by Jack-Wabbit Dessert Milkshake :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 3 5 Giant Squid Gaming Header by Jack-Wabbit Giant Squid Gaming Header :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 1 5 COMMISSION: Melody Nyx by Jack-Wabbit COMMISSION: Melody Nyx :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 5 5
Mugen Blade Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2

It was early in the morning in the academy. Most of the students were still getting up to get dressed for class, except for Pigu. The pig kin had gotten up early to head to Grimele's office. Constantly watching her surroundings in a panicked fashion as she relayed what she learned to Grimele and Atlus in the principal's office, hoping that the two older men would know what was going on.
"So... Um.... Yeah. Apparently these two wanted to steal some gear. Also, something about someone called Zala?"
"This...this seems weird. But then again, one can't ignore things like this." Grimele muttered to Atlas with a serious tone of voice, scratching his chin as he remained perplexed at the news.
"Out of curiosity, what did these two, smell like?" Atlas asked as he leaned on the wall with his arms crossed, remembering from her enrollment application that Pigu had a high sense of smell.
"Um... I was in the shower when they were there. But... T
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Mugen Blade Chapter 2 Part 2

Continued from Part 1:
"Hehehe. So cute... Must feel very safe if he's friends with the girl who faced Slyde head on in a one on one battle."
"Faced? He barely broke a sweat and.... Well, you probably already know what I am..." Nergui replied to Grimele as she glanced a bit at the void shaped tattoos. In her mind she was expecting him to tell her that he couldn't allow her to continue training or even say that he had to turn her in to authorities.
"Oh, you mean that pretty arm art you have? Why I think it's pretty. I hope you can get it fixed." Grimele replied to Nergui in a kind, gentlemanly manner, surprising the girl even more before he continued to pet Chocomo as he mooed again.
"No problemos. I know how to draw, sorta. I can retouch them up." Maka added as she gave Nergui a reassuring gentle pat on the back, being mindful of her friend's injuries.
"Fixed?.... But, I was told it's effects are permanent." Nergui replied as she saw that they were
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Mugen Blade Chapter 1 Part 2

Continued from Part 1:
"I didn't get his name.... All I knew was that he was willing to give me a lot of money, enough so that I wouldn't have to keep on trying to steal food from shops ever again. We were going to met at around midnight in the old fishing factory." Hana replied, feeling her stomach starting to grumble as she thought about some of the meals she stole and got arrested for.
"Well...let us continue this story another time. I believe it is time for dinner yes Atlas?" The Principal recommended as he got up and started heading for the door. He stopped for a few seconds as he opened the door, staring at an award placed on the shelf. With a small sigh, he pulled out a handkerchief and dusted it off. As Hana walked by, she saw that it read. "Awarded to General Grimele Douglas Dache."
"So dusty sometimes. I really should get the maid to work more than once a week."
"Quite right old friend. Best not to keep our newest
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Mugen Blade Chapter 1 Part 1

It was a peaceful summer's day in the Mugen sphere. The old fashioned city resting peacefully on the mountain with lush trees, the smell of street vendors making various savoury dishes filling the air while several kids continued to walk down, buying something quickly to have a fast breakfast on their way to school. After all, future guardians had to learn to be punctual.
Creeping through the dusty air vents of the town museum, a young girl, about sixteen in her age, continued to scan the small openings along her route, brushing her long red hair with her pale white hands to get a better look. It was a good thing she was dressed in a scruffy brown coat and shorts, using only a bandana to cover her nose and mouth. Anything else would have gotten ruined from the dust. After several minutes of searching, she saw her target, a old, thick metallic amulet, looking like something out of the industrial age, just perched on a red pillow on a pedestal, guarde
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Nergui by Jack-Wabbit Nergui :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 8 4 Jackie - Photoshop layer art by Jack-Wabbit Jackie - Photoshop layer art :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 9 4 Alison 'Pigu' by Jack-Wabbit Alison 'Pigu' :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 6 3 Game character model by Jack-Wabbit Game character model :iconjack-wabbit:Jack-Wabbit 3 2


Poses -I- by Asteltainn Poses -I- :iconasteltainn:Asteltainn 2,852 93 June 2017 - 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 by Vongulli June 2017 - 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 :iconvongulli:Vongulli 196 27 June 2017 - 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 by Vongulli June 2017 - 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 :iconvongulli:Vongulli 52 16 Blender Watercolor Effect by namito111 Blender Watercolor Effect :iconnamito111:namito111 161 8 Red-Costume Design Idea by gamepal Red-Costume Design Idea :icongamepal:gamepal 88 27 Raven and Starfire ReDesign Rough Sketches by NoFlutter Raven and Starfire ReDesign Rough Sketches :iconnoflutter:NoFlutter 1,134 38 Commission - Astrothe - ultimate version by MizaelTengu Commission - Astrothe - ultimate version :iconmizaeltengu:MizaelTengu 661 31 EVOLUTION! by TysonTan EVOLUTION! :icontysontan:TysonTan 1,426 54 Deathstroke the Terminator by theDURRRRIAN Deathstroke the Terminator :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 2,289 46 WZ STC-3 Assault Hercules by Talros WZ STC-3 Assault Hercules :icontalros:Talros 292 9 Puinuuu by Raichiyo33 Puinuuu :iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 2,430 37 Forest Gurdian -  brainstorming by goldentigers Forest Gurdian - brainstorming :icongoldentigers:goldentigers 133 3 Holy Maiden - color variations by goldentigers Holy Maiden - color variations :icongoldentigers:goldentigers 92 4 Katana by sinceillust Katana :iconsinceillust:sinceillust 224 5 Pikachu and Mimikyu by DAV-19 Pikachu and Mimikyu :icondav-19:DAV-19 7,675 415 Cuttlefish_ Charm by pinkplaidrobot Cuttlefish_ Charm :iconpinkplaidrobot:pinkplaidrobot 41 5


Chibi Fox Speedpaint
Hoi everyone! ^^ Here's a speedpaint my sister did! You can see the process on this video on my youtube channel!

Leave thoughts and comment below! :D
Hey guys! :)
Hope you're all doing well!

During my video edits for my youtube channel;… I was thinking of colouring in a couple of sketches to try out some new colouring techniques. So if any of you know or have any sketches you'd like to see coloured, please link them to me. ^^
I earlier this year asked a guy if I could help in giving him low poly models made in blender for his game project. I am making them, but I've found a slight problem.

I can't remember his username ^^;

If you do know of a guy who is working on a game project in Blender with a few screenshots of his human and large spider model, please leave a link to his userpage below.


United Kingdom


Full body manga sketches or chibi sketches.


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